Thursday, 17 September 2009

Combat Surfers

Just to remind those of us out there that would like to show there support that my good friend Rich Emerson is hosting the first 'Operation Amped UK surf camp'at Gwithian beach near St Ives. Inspired by what he saw last year at a similar event in California the surf camp is aimed at creating awareness and helping former or serving military personel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and those that have lost limbs whilst serving in the British Forces. I'm doing an article for Drift about Richies story, himself a sufferer of PTSD, and his surfing. If you have no idea what these people go through believe me when I say I have been moved to tears over the past few weeks hearing details of Richies own suffering. Even if your anti-war, don't ignore those who are simply doing a job. Its the politicians that need a big rocket up their fat arses. Thats you Mr Brown! Ps This amazing design was created by Robbie Macintosh. see robbietoons link

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