Tuesday, 16 March 2010

400th Aniversary

This is me! I know some people blog each day and stirling performance for those that do. I try to blog when I can, and over 4 years I've averaged 100 per year and am stoked with this. Many people have left some very kind comments about my shots, thanks to those who have bought some work or have thought it worthy of being in their books (thanks AC and switchfoot) or online magazines like Drift. This shot was taken by Dave Muir and his hassleblad. The fat cheeks are mine, the Joel tudor, stu kenson shaped 6'8" single fin is also mine and the bright bobble hat is definately mine. Happy 400th to me.


Dave said...

Congratulations Russ. And a great job you've done as well. Inspirational from the start. Keep up the good work.

Mike said...

Nice one RussKool! Keep them pics coming old boy and will def get to surf together one day when I'm back in Blighty :) Mike Lott