Monday, 31 May 2010

Humbled Again at operation Cornish Wave

This weekend we held Operation Cornish wave as mentioned in the previous blog. Each time we do an event I am humbled by the committment and determination of those who trust us to take them surfing. This weekend we took Five Royal Marines from Hasler company surfing at Polzeth. The company has been set up to aid troops after they return injured from conflict and these guys were all amputees and sufferers of PTSD. There will be more photos over the next few days.If anyone wants to find out more we now have a website and this will be developed over the next week or so, with news, future dates and events and ways you can help us. we also have our blob combat surfer. These guys were amazing and proved that whatever terrible injuries they may have suffered they still have the passion and determination to get the job done. This is our group photo and below is Jason Hare, member of 45 Commando, he is an amazing character and I will see you in Scotland for a round of golf and some stag shooting!! Below this is Nicholas 'Gibbo' Gibbons, 19 and ripping, as he described the weekend 'Hoofing'. That sums it up, humbled and stoked and if you didn't realise both these guys lost legs in Afghanistan so for those who think they can't surf, look on my friends. Thanks to all who supported us, Gul Wetsuits, Surfs Up, Oyster Catcher, Royal Marine and Navy Surf Club, Watercooled and Nomad Surf. Roll on the next event. Check this link below

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