Wednesday, 27 October 2010


This is Royal Marine Aaron Moon. If i have learnt one thing over the past year its we should never take what we have for granted. Aaron was blown up in Afghanistan by one of those IED's we keep hearing about. Aaron luckily survived but with some horrific injuries. He came surfing with us last week and gave it his all. More than anything he made us laugh like kids, Funny bloke. However, unlike most 23 year olds Aaron has made the amazing decision to have his severly damaged leg amputated below the knee. This surgery takes place this week and then he will end the chronic pain and be able to get on with a normal life with a prosthetic. He has also promised to come back and go surfing, standing up this time, and I guarantee he will.
The amazing thing though, after this weekend our good friend Bobby Donnelly, Naval Bomb Disposal, Surfer, shaper, and more importantly husband and father, over in San Diego, told us he has decided to under go the same procedure for the same reasons. After a training freefall parachute jump, Bobby smashed his leg and has since has 5 ops, rehab etc and two years of chronic pain. Both of these guys want to get on with their lives and I'm sure they will, with a passion. Get those special surf legs chaps and crack on!
Like i say don't take too much for granted.

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