Thursday, 28 October 2010

Life Part two

Brett Leahy is a member of 1 Rifles Regiment and came surfing with us last weekend. Brett is a classic and a funny very funny bloke. I certainly don't want my blog to be all depressing and gloomy, I want it to be inspirational and where possible tell a story or two about the people in my life of surfing at the moment. Its a very inspiring time for me at present, I never believed I would be as honoured to meet such brave young men, their stories aren't of war and terrorism or their injuries, but of friendship and others who have given everything to help others. Many of the characters that are coming surfing with us through Surf Action have hidden injuries, post traumatic stress disorder and many have physical injuries. Brett lost his leg below the knee in a vehicle explosion in Afghanistan and now has a prosthetic limb. The difficult thing for Brett is knowing that his friend driving at the time was killed in the same explosion. However, Brett should have been driving until orders were changed, imagine what that would leave spinning around in your mind. The best thing about Brett is that he's hooked on surfing, his girlfriend surfs and now he has no excuse to get on that bionic leg and rip the back out of a few peelers.

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