Thursday, 28 October 2010

Life Part three

Great news...Surf Action have been short listed for ITV's Peoples Millions Big Lottery Fund and winners will be decided by a phone vote on Thursday 25th November, lines will be open between 9am and Midnight. I will publish the phone number here on the 25th when we receive it. You can also check any updates on our website Please vote for us and help us to help more people like Dean Vallis. Dean is a Royal Marine who was injured in Afghanistan, he suffered schrapnel wounds to his face and body but has been left with a sense of feeling incomplete. He wants to return and finish his tour, he's also hooked on surfing and will soon be back in Cornwall with his sister to crack on and master the art. Surf Action is about bringing families together. When Dean returned he told me he could not talk to his family about his time in Afghanistan, he felt angry, and as I'm learning basically went looking for trouble as many young soldiers do returning from conflict. This can sometimes be an early sign of problems they may face in the future. Surf Action hopes to be able to sign post these individuals to more holistic therapies if needed, alongside surfing we can make a real difference. Please vote for us on the 25th. Help Dean become a better pole dancer, but thats a different story for another time!

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