Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dawning of Spring

I only went over the road to see if the swell was still pretty non existant, take a quick snap of the morning light, but yesterday was a nice surprise, yesterday was great day. Unexpected pushing tide solo dawny on the log, afternoon dropping tide solo session on Mrs Pierre's Takayama twinnie (OMG what a great board, soooo much fun). Family on the beach (first full day of the year) the boots are off, bye bye rubber feet, go hibernate until winter again. Spring is here, Happy Days and the crowds can stay where they are.


jonty henshall said...

that would be round the corner on sunday then..... mayhem! lost count of all the vw vans!

Michael Lay said...

that left is now spiralling its way through my head for the rest of the day... that bank better hold out till april 10th.

Steve PP said...

Lovely shot, lovely looking wave! Man, you are brave! No boots already?