Saturday, 2 April 2011

Is this Brighton?

Came across this classic shot. It looks like its taken from the Brighton West Pier looking through the pilings to the Palace Pier. There's a great wave next to the West Pier which has since been burned to beyond anything resembling a beautiful Victorian tourist attraction. Brighton surfers like, Vince Ward, Pete Robinson and Jerry Powell were always out there and scored the pier on some classic days. If anyone has any info on this shot I would love to know. Please help.


seamouse said...

that totally pulls at the heartstrings. Let me know if you ever find out more about it. Hope all's cool with you.


Russ Pierre said...

Hey Keiron, all is great here, we have some great banks here in Sennen and Gwenvor, trouble is I'm enjoying surfing too much and not snapping like a I should be. I need to get hold of Pete Robinson from the british surfing museum, he'll know!!
Hope all is well with you and your enjoying that new almond log. Niiiice.