Monday, 16 May 2011

Logs rule

This weekend the Penwithians travelled to Devon, we took our logs and tried our best at the British Longboard Union, second round event at Saunton Sands. Most of us did not do too well, the waves were awful and the wind in the wrong direction, cold and unpleasant. The weekend was very funny, amusing, boozy affair and a bit of a jolly. The best result was James Parry coming second on his new log, proving that one fin can do the job. James did us all proud and with Rob and Ulrika Wright there from Slide 65 Surfboards we all went to Devon and represented a great shaper and try in our own little way to influence Longboard Competitions in the UK. Joe Davis from Jersey also styled his way through with one fin and nearly made the final but was skunked by lack of waves. Not sure if our efforts worked but the boys turned a few heads with their surfing and Robs boards had a few drooling.


CP said...

good to see you boys russ!

the slide boards looked lovely and turned a few heads i can tell you.

great to see a bit of one fin insurgency, i fully approve

Russ Pierre said...

Cheers Chris, have a great time in Cali mate, catch a few warm ones for me.

BUMBLING said...

great blog! A great shot!