Friday, 23 September 2011

Kyle Lightner & Alex Knost

My daily blog search always begins with seeing what beauties Kyle Lightner has developed. Coming across shots like this is like flipping through the pages of a surf mag, finding the one shot that makes the magazine worth buying in the first place, and then, because of that one photo, keeping that magazine safe for ever. How do come to this opinion, because my wife asks me why I have to keep hold of all my old surf magazines? Simple; I don't keep hold of all of them, I keep hold of the special ones, the ones with shots like this; Shots that make me want to go surfing, shots that make me want to take great photos and shots that you can tell your friends about. Prior to going surfing, local free surfer John Buchorski would always flick through a magazine to find the one shot to inspire; he then held that page open and visualised the moment, embed that frame in his mind and then go out and shred. For me, this is that photo. Taken by Mr Lightner of Mr Alex Knost. Thankyou.

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