Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mr Natty a right proper Barber

My family, Larry and Oran Lynch travelled up to Crackington Haven yesterday for the 2011 Eurpean Fish Fry. There were some great boards to be seen and many people had bought their own special vehicles they have in their own quivers, from Pavel, Kookbox, Skip Frye and even Al Knosts 15th board he shaped which Mr John Eldridge had purchased on a recent trip. However, the highlight for me was Mr Natty, seen here getting a trim and a piece of beard action. Mr Natty was a the barber to the lords, and high profile types. Matt travels the world with his pop up barbers shop and cuts hair and is just one of those classic guys you meet every now and then. Could not resist getting my own hair done. Look out for Mr Natty at next years Surf Fayre. Great fun day and great to catch up with friends like Sally from Original Surfboard Company and Alex Rowse who showed had his Ryan Lovelace Hull there. I've not had the pleasure of seeing a true hull up close like this and never realised how extreme they can be, a thing of beauty. Great Day.

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