Saturday, 31 March 2012

Al kNost inspires.

A few years back i got a chance to shoot Alex Knost in Devon. A small crew inclusing Tyler Hatzikian, Devon Howard and Dane Peterson were soon to head off to Ireland to shoot some stuff for a project called September. Watching them all surf was inspiring, getting to meet them all was a little like being a grommet at 35 years old!! Alex Knost was, and still is one of my favourite surfers purely for his reactions to whatever the wave throws at him. I see part of this in some of our local lads like Mike Lay who has cat like reactions and young Oran Lynch who throws in some randomness when needed. These shots are about seven years old now and Alex was riding a lovely Dano log and I'm sure his journey has been amazing since then. I still go back to these shots, have a look and then automatically want to go and surf, problem is today is flat so its fixing dings instead!!!

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