Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rise of the grommets

Sennen does has some fickle waves, arguably down to the heavy grain sand that does not compact tightly like other beaches. In many ways I envy the surfers who have the perfect consistent sand banks that rarely change. North Devon has some beauties like Croyde, Woolercoombe, and Saunton, Cornwall has Godrevy, Polzeath, and Porthtowan. These sand banks shift and are occasionally affected and ripped up a little, but here in Sennen it seems like its like a game of sand castles. One large swell or big storm, and bye bye banks, clean slate and start again. We wait for the sand to form again and then adjust the surfing to the wave we get that particular week!! However, Sennen has historically turned out some great surfers. Chris, Essex and Cassius Tyler, John Buchorski, Sam Bleakley, Tristan Jenkins, Seb and Sam Smart, and James Parry have always surfed the fickle waves of Sennen and Gwenvor. A training ground for adapting their surfing to the waves on offer and then taking this and letting loose on the perfection they find around the globe. Whats great at the moment is seeing the new groms coming up through the ranks. Maisy and Issac Marshall, Jake, Jowan, and Oran Lynch will all be great surfers and they are lucky to have the likes of the aforementioned to look up to and use as role models. If they decide to make a life and career out of surfing or just surf and continue to enjoy it as they themselves mature with age they have some amazing surfers to look up to. Just look out for Jago Pierre, 4.8 years old and already impressing his dad with a parallel stance to rival Butch Van Artsdalen or John Peck shredding Pipeline!!! This shot is super stoked, super keen wave magnet Jake Sage.


Colony ThirteenStars said...

Great photo, great write-up. Nice work. Here is to the Sennen crew - may the sand banks always provide good waves of varying types!

Russ Pierre said...

Thanks for the great comment.