Friday, 7 March 2014

Triples and Terry

Back in 2010 we travelled to California to work with some US Military personnel. Whist we were the we took a trip to the Sacred Craft show and had the great pleasure of meeting some of the legends including this amazingly nice bloke..Terry Martin.

Sadly not with us today I did have the opportunity to get my hands dirty on one of his Legacy Models that he was shaping right then in the shapers booth. Now I love a triple stringer at the best of times but something that will always nag me is not buying a Legacy.

I was so nervous running the sanding block down this board and Terry just encouraged me all the way, "you wont hurt it keep going" he said. About 20 seconds after this photo was taken I  gave it back and was humbled by his kindness and generosity.

Its funny that Terry Martin RIP was the shaper of a board that just holds true to its name,  younger shapers like Tyler Warren and iconic boards like the Legacy Model will carry this personal hand shaped ethos on for ever. Great people and great boards.

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Colony ThirteenStars said...

Well spoken. Terry was a blessing.