Saturday, 3 May 2014


Just noticed on the stats part of the blog that I have just gone past the 100,000 visits on this blog since I started about 7 years ago. On the 14th August 2007 I started blogging with a shot of Alex Knost getting barrelled at Putsborough in North Devon. This was my first real crack at shooting the US loggers when they made a trip to the UK and enjoyed every minute.  In the time since I started blogging I hope that it has been inspiring in some aspects and in times of no waves or terrible conditions kept the stoke alive.
I started taking surf shots in August 2005 and this blog has been a great outlet to feature some of my photography and others who have inspired me. Blogging introduced me to the great photographers like Kyle Lightner (hope all is well) and surf sites  Surfapig (my Californian Chunky Brother). On occasion my blog has been an avenue to get some of my own shots featured in a few magazines and the odd book.
I'd like to say thanks to all the amazing surfers that I have managed to shoot and hope that in some cases have helped with keeping your sponsors stoked. Although the focus has been really in the UK its been a pleasure to feature the odd trip to Californioa or Jersey and looking forward to getting some new kit and getting back out there again and shooting some new stuff soon.
I have a few exciting projects lined up this summer and into next year so please keep visiting and even if i miss a couple of days I will always post. I know some have moved away from the blogs and favour instagram or other social media feeds but blogger has never let me down, its simple and I like that.  I have loved searching other blogs and the best thing about it is you can keep up with whats happening around the globe on a daily basis and get stoked yourself to go surfing, cycling or enjoying the great outdoors.
Thanks thanks to the visitors of this page and here's to the next 100K and if you haven't got as blog, don't listen to those that say its so old, its not and if you like writing, what better way than to write a little each day and when you feel like it, have a rant. Just don't upset the lifeguards when you rant about the Jetskis.
Right me and the boy are off surfing.

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