Monday, 12 May 2014

New beginnings

Embarking on new ventures is always exciting. Having now left Surf Action the charity that supports injured veterans, this job that has taught me so much about human spirit and human behaviour. Having this knowledge and experience I know I can move forward and take with me anew array of skills, lessons learnt and mistakes made and embark on helping others to look at their own lives and assist them in moving forward. As our mission statement says 'Empowering you to make positive change". The website will be up soon but if you want to look at a holding page then check here. Oh and check this original logo design done by my very own lovely wife Jilpi.
We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, some based around employment transition and some simply enjoying the great outdoors, some on wheels and some on waves,  but one thing is for sure, its all about discovering yourself and being empowered to step forward in life,  I am personnaly and my family is very thankful for it.

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