Monday, 25 August 2014

Jools is now back from his Summer hols and ready to take some orders for the coming autumn/winter. Personally I'm awaiting a sweet 7'4" ride that will be perfect for down here in the wild west. My good friend Si has just order a 9'0" speed log based on the 9'6" shape on the right and I can't wait to see how that turns out. I've been riding the yellow 9'8" on the left and the 8'2" in the middle a lot this summer and both have been amazing. The 8'2" has stood me well down here when the swell has hit the bank perfect and jumped in size. Rather than be put off by a bigger board in a wave with some punch I've had an absolute ball and taken the odd screamer. It holds nicely in the wave, is super fast and when you need to crank a turn the 9" Skip Fyre single fin lets you do so with absolute confidence. With still enough board to move around on this is such a fun board to take out in all conditions. My wife loves it too! Please drop me a line or go direct to Jools here and have a chat with probably the best shaper in the UK

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