Wednesday, 27 August 2014

'Needle and Thread' by my ol' man.

My Father harry Pierre is 90 years old this year. He's been in the Steyning Camera Club for longer than I can remember and is by far the oldest snapper there. On the first Friday of every month he's up the front shooting the musicians at the Jazz club and what seems like most most Tuesdays he's out having a coffee somewhere with the rest of the club. After asking for ages, but continually being denied by my Mum to let him shoot here hands, he decided to set up his own shot and this was the result, bloody classic, 89 year old hands threading a needle. Much like his long and varied life he has spent those years living life, never complaining,  just getting on with it,  and the old boy seems to be getting more creative as he gets older. In his words "Its a good life until you weaken". Crack on Dad this is an amazing shot.XXXXX

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