Sunday, 5 October 2014

Go Jago.

Yesterday was Jago's first day of Novice coaching at Cornwall BMX Racing Club. He did really well and considering his second week on the track he's getting quicker and more confident with every lap he does. I forgot how much fun BMX Racing is,  but considering that 1984 was probably the last time I raced, then a 30 year anniversary is not a bad time to get back into it. In terms of complimenting surfing, well there's no better way to keep fit that doing sprints and BMX is all sprinting, jumping, coordination, and focus; if you don't focus you fall off...hard!!! Thanks Jago.

We're also working hard to get a BMX Track in Penzance. There's so many great riders in the Penzance area it would be great for the town and Cycling as a whole. Please take a look at our Facebook page 'a BMX track in Penzance' and please like it.

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