Monday, 15 December 2014

Great Weekend ahead.

Myself and Jago are getting pretty excited about this coming weekend. Cornwall BMX Racing Club has 3 x World BMX Champion Shanaze Reade visiting to coach and share some words of wisdom. Its great to be part of this event as its not often any of us mere minions get to meet an Olympic athlete and learn about a fraction of the commitment it takes to get there.
On a purely selfish business note, myself and colleague Fay at Discover 2 Empower cic are also very excited to be supporting the Sunday Session by offering a small financial donation that will allow riders the chance to only pay half the cost and providing more access to this amazing opportunity.
This is a club run solely by volunteers and the amount of work and commitment given to the community is humbling and its great to be involved in this event as a rider, a Dad and I suppose a sponsor of a weekend that is helping to develop the counties next local, regional, national and international champions.
The main reason for writing this and to get to the point is that if anyone has any media contacts that would like to come an give this event some coverage this weekend then please drop me a line as it would seem that the Coca Cola truck seems to warrant more media coverage and is more important the developing a future generation of sports stars!
cheers all

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