Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Managed to get at least one holeshot at the weekend and it happened in the Final, which I was stoked about!! Andy Coryn, on the far side of the shot, went on to win the Cornish Champs (over 40's) and after straight one left me standing and rightly so.
Alongside Jago we've done three rounds and I'm so please with how we have both done, so proud of Jago for really giving it his all and I know as his confidence grows his riding will get really good.
We've both learnt new skills (and realised we still have old ones in my case), we have made some new friends and enjoyed healthy and fun competition, and find myself with a little hunger to do better. I'm 45 and feel like a kid again, (apart from the screaming pain in my wrist, shoulder, legs and neck etc, etc) I feel myself getting fitter, stronger and recovering much quicker and wanting to get fitter and stronger. I enjoy taking Jago down to the Wharfside in Penzance for some evening sprint training and encouraging Jago to give it all without being some over bearing and lunatic Dad! To be honest the past few weeks has made me feel alive (in the sporting sense).  However, one of the best things about riding BMX for me is that it also makes me really appreciate my surfing, actually cherish it.
I'm looking forward to some surfing over the next few weeks, getting out on my Wild West Shooters shaped by Jools at Gulf Stream (excuse the blatant punt) and getting a few sneaky ones before the xmas holiday crowds come. To remind myself that I need a few waves to give me the old spiritual rinse I surfed my favourite south coast spot last week,  and with three other people it was an absolute treat. A session that had me smiling and really focussing on where I am right now. I feel blessed as I have two sports I truly love, one, BMX,  I left for a few years but it has found me again, through riding with my son. Surfng is always there and I feel a little like Matt Johnson in Big Wednesday and if asked If i have been surfing I can reply "nah, just when its necessary"!
Wheels and Waves really are part of my life. The trouble is Jill has become a BMX widow...Love you Mumma xxxx

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