Friday, 20 February 2015

"Maaaaate I do love a left"!!

As and Aussie once said to me surfing the Wreck in Byron Bay "Maaate I do love a left"... never forgot it and have to say this morning was great fun. Took a few on the head but also had a few sick ones. The sets were as good and as shapely as I've seen in a very long time and the one that nailed me I fulley deserved as I hesitated and pulled back...I went down laughing though!!
The 7'8" Wild West Shooter shaped by Jools at Gulfstream Surfboards was such a great board for the conditions, especially as the line up was pretty crowded and this allowed me to get in early and snag a few lined up lefts...I do love a left but I had a couple of great rights too and the board was really great on the backhand too, really responsive to turns and either way it was fast!

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