Sunday, 15 February 2015

Today was a good Day!

Today was one of those solo great days.

Loading my little old belingo with a bike and race kit, and my 7'8" Gulfstream Wild West Shooter  and with the sun shining headed up the road.

On the way up to race practice I took a slight detour and surfed some small but very clean waves at Gwithian Beach and that alone made me feel quietly satisfied. However, following this went to Cornwall BMX and put in about 2.5 hours of training and skills practice and this was great fun and felt like I made some more progress towards my first regional championship race at the end of March. On the way back, with the extra light now, I popped back into Gwithian again and paddled out to head high reeling lefts.  I took a few on the head but picked off a couple of beauties which always makes it worth it.

I am now on the sofa totally f..k'd!!

Today was a good day!

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