Friday, 3 April 2015

The Pierre Pig x Gulfstream Surfboards

I've been so busy lately I have been waiting to post this and can't tell you how stoked I am to hear that Jools at Gulfstream Surfboards has introduced to The Pierre Pig to his line of boards. This is totally unexpected and feel amazingly honoured. I've been asked if this is a signature model and I'm not sure if I deserve that credit, it holds my name and that will do for me!! We've been working on the Wild West Shooters for nearly two years and the Pierre Pig has been inspired partly by this process.   We've played with shapes, sizes, rails, foils, widths... you name it and this is the result. The board pictured is 9'8" and currently in the shop in Braunton ready for some lucky Easter Customer to purchase a stunning British board made by the best british craftsman of all types of boards.
The board I currently ride is phenomenal. I have ridden this now in all types of surf over the past few months and it still surprises me. These boards are fast, responsive, stable and with the pintail super smooth in the turns. With no concave in the nose you rely on the wave a little to lock you in before running to the nose but when it is hooked in there, i have had some cracking tip time.
Jools is a an amazing shaper and the with an amazing team to complete the entire process this is why Gulfstream are so proud of the boards from foam to finish. Their priced from around £925 which is very much standard today for a beautifully handcrafted Longboard and you'll get a fin with that too, which in itself is a massive saving. I'm running a 10" MD3 Mikey Detemple in mine right now and its great in all the conditions I've tried this board in so far.  Jools at Gulf Stream is there to talk about what you need to so this board can be customised to suit your needs, be honest about your ability, your weight and you'll get what you need. If its no the Pierre Pig then take a look at the Saunton Foil too and these boards are amazing too.
I'm so excited to surf this board more this spring, summer as soon as the swells drop and the rubber is shed!!

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