Monday, 6 April 2015

The Van Weyden x Gulfstream Surfboards

The new 'Van Weyden' Single fin from Jools at Gulfstream surfboards. The one picture here is 7'4" and partly inspired by the 7'8" Wild West Shooter. This board is designed for smooth easy entry surfing with a real bite when the wave gets a little meatier. Some super hard rails in the tail gives this board some speed and acceleration and is quite happy being surfed from the middle of the board when you need a little trim to make the next section, then, step back and throw some weight into a biting turn.

Unlike the 7'8" Jools has added a diamond tail which is a great addition giving it some extra merit with water releasing off the tail and preserving some speed. Aesthetically it looks great too!!

If your a Chunky Brother like myself, these boards are amazing for dropping down from a longboard to something shorter. The volume and float in this board will suit someone well over 14 stone and from experience riding my 7'8" Wild West Shooter this board will paddle like a dream but really get you going when the wave calls for it. Transitioning from Long to Short takes time and why make this process an unenjoyable one. Go down gradually or keep some float and volume in the board. The Van Weyden is perfect one stop shop if travelling, or a great board to just step down from the log.
In my quiver now, I have three perfect boards for me..7'8", 8'2" and a 9'8" and to be honest not ridden anything shorter than the 7'8" for some time and I'm 14.5 stone or just shy of 200lbs!!! This board is in the shop at Braunton so if your passing drop in and have a chat with Jools and get one of these custom made for you.

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