Tuesday, 14 July 2009

'Masters' UK Stylemaster

This past weekend saw the 2009 UK Stylemaster take place in Devon, not great conditions but the 'super fantastic man of the atlantic' Rich Emerson took advantage of riding his old Scott Dillon, ploughing through the walls of white water at Saunton sands and brought home the Masters title. The event is based around 1960's equipment and open reigning champ James Parry came in third unfortunaley losing his title, the open win went to Elliot Dudley.
Myself and Rich are about to embark on a story and photo feature with the focus on Rich. He is a remarkable character battling with Combat Stress after serving in 'Desert Storm', thats was the first Gulf War for you young ones. Rich is using surfing to overcome the problems that arise and help others through theirs. This win is a massive boost for Rich and well deserved. Stoked for you big man.

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Libb-erator said...

I would really love to read that book when it comes out. Blessings to Richard on his win!