Saturday, 6 November 2010

Alex Knost by Dane Peterson

Had a little logging session on the South Coast here today and was super stoked to surf with Rob Wright from Slide 65 surfboards. Also stoked to have ordered my new log whilst over there. Can't wait for this new toy its going to be so different from all the logs I've been riding. Anyway to keep me stoked when I got home I found this, Another classic shot of Alex Knost by Dane Peterson. Style is everything and this shot is singing out loud.


CP said...

hey russ

what did you order?

Russ Pierre said...

Hi Chris,
Just ordered a 9'6" Noserider, should be similar to the christenson westsider model, will be pretty custom, we're playing around with a few things but stoked and can't wait. Hope all is well, be keen to see the RK model when you get it.

CP said...

christenson looks nice, really similar to my dano. should work great by you, saunton is not really steep enough fot it but it's mindblowingly good on the nose in steeper waves.

the gato promises to be a real trip, cant wait to try it!