Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Party Waves at the Wigglers

Oran Lynch is an amazing young surfer, he will get better and better and will one day be one of the very best. The good thing about Oran is he loves a party wave, especially at the Hip Wigglers, and on this occassion with an old duffer like me. These were two of ours in our heat; the first one I forgot he was there and after performing this immensely stylish drop knee turn and what the next fram would have showed is Oran nearly fricking spearing me with his log!!! The second, we shared a ride on my log but I held onto him so tightly (more for the balance of an old man) he couldn't get to the nose. This ride won us £50 beautiful pounds, who says dropping in does not pay!! Thanks to Gavin at Finshack for the shots.

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